Follow the Journey of Your Cards

Here is the Journey of Your Cards put into an easy-to-understand infographic. Keep scrolling to find out more!


 ⇩ Step 1 - Cards Arrive at CFC Headquarters 

  • Every year, we host a card drive where crafters all over the U.S. can send in hand made cards to our HQ. Once cards arrive, CFC staff and volunteers will check the cards in, sort, re-pack, and get them ready to ship out. Cards are crafted based on the current Card-Making Guidelines.

 ⇩ Step 2 - Volunteers in Action 

  • Local volunteers are always welcome to come to our headquarters and help support our mission. All cards are divided into either Encouragement or Birthday card categories. 

 ⇩ Step 3 - Cards are Sent Out to Foster Care Agencies 

  • Cards are packaged into the quantities ordered and sent out to Foster Care Agencies all over the United States. Card donations can be requested online

 ⇩ Step 4 - Mission Accomplished: Cards Received 

  • Foster Care Agencies will receive their requested cards in the mail. The cards are then given to kids and young adults in their care. Our sincere hope is that these cards will bring a smile and serve its greater purpose.