NOTICE: NEW Guidelines for Cards...

Because all cards are hand sorted by volunteers, please follow the guidelines below to help us sort faster and more efficiently!

  1. ALL cards must be HANDMADE: no store bought cards. Each card should be as special and personal as the child receiving it
  2. SIZE RECOMMENDATIONS: 5in x 7in (A7), 4in x 6in (A6) or 4 1/4in x 5 1/2 (A2)
  3. Our preferred method of shipping: USPS Medium Flat Rate Boxes
  4. Cards should be appropriate for ALL AGES
  5. Cards should be BLANK inside or contain a short sentiment such as "Happy Birthday" or "I believe in you and unicorns too!". Keep it short and sweet so foster care agencies can write to a child's specific needs
  6. We are only accepting BIRTHDAY and ENCOURAGEMENT cards. Check out our FREE phrases: Birthday Phrases & Encouragement Phrases
  7. Cards should be well-received across any demographic, religion, and culture
  8. ENVELOPES are required for each card (30 cards = 30 fitting envelopes). Place each card under the corresponding envelope flap - NOT inside the envelope
  9. Cards should be bundled in PACKS OF 10 and labeled Birthday or Encouragement. We ask that all card donations are a minimum of 1 pack = 10 cards and corresponding envelopes
  10. Bundle your cards using new cotton hair bands, string, ribbon, or paper bands. AVOID bands that will "bite" into the cards and envelops over time.
  11. All cards must be mailed to Cards For Cubs HQ
  12. Card designs can be replicated
  13. Shaker, spinner and window are accepted - we encourage CREATIVITY!

Cards will be reviewed by the CFC Team to ensure they are appropriate before sending out to Foster Agencies


Examples of Cards and How to Pack Them:

⇩ Bundle All Cards in Packs of 10 With Envelopes 

⇩ Replicate OR Be Creative With Designs 

 ⇩ Packs of 10 Go Into a USPS Box 

  • If you are sending less than 10 packs (100 cards), we recommend placing them in a USPS Padded Envelopes.
  • If you are sending over 10 packs (100 cards), we recommend placing them into a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box.