How the Story Began...Cards For Cubs Origin Story

The three founders of Cards For Cubs sat down to talk about the backstory of how our non-profit came about. 

Listen as our founders who have a background in the social work industry share how the inspiration came from wanting to contribute to a specific cause and a strong desire to create something to brighten kids' days.

For them, it has always been about the people, generosity, and giving back to the community. They believed a card drive would be impactful and meaning for people and fit really well with Bearly Art's mission of supporting creative inspiration.


Check out the video below to listen to what our founders have to say! 

If you can't view this video, click on this link to see it directly on YouTube!


This inspiration has proven well as Cards For Cubs has collected over 85,000 cards in the past 3 years. This yearly card drive has become a way to channel creativity into something where we can invite crafters to be a part of something bigger.

We are here today as an officially recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization because of all the support from everyone who have been involved in so many different ways.

THANK YOU for being a part of our journey.