A word of encouragement goes a long way...

Cards for Cubs is a registered, non-profit organization aiming to support and encourage young people in foster care through uplifting, handmade cards reminding them that they are not alone. 

We depend on donors like you for your unique and inspiring cards so that we can send them to foster agencies, who get them into the hands of the children and young adults in their care. Caseworkers who know the child personally are able to use our handcrafted cards to write an encouraging message as they enter the foster system. 

Let’s work together to place a card in the hand of every young person in the United State’s foster care to remind them they are loved and cherished. 

Looking to get involved?

Join our annual #CardsForCubs event in March and help us reach our goal of 100,000 cards. We know that donors like you can make the impossible possible by supporting us through card donations and spreading awareness of young people in foster care. Pledge cards now!

Why foster care? 

Our co-founder developed a personal connection within the foster care system when working as a case manager. Moved by their stories of hardship and loss, she was inspired to something. 

Young people in foster care, can feel forgotten by society and many have faced emotional turmoil and personal traumas. The average age for a child in foster care is as young as 8 years old and many children will stay in care for over a year. As of 2021, over 407,000 young people are in the U.S. foster system and over 117,00 have the opportunity to be adopted by families. 

Our co-founders, lead by shared values of social support, creativity, and family centric values have built Cards for Cubs to what it is today. 

What can you do?

As crafters, you are the key to spreading the word. Join us in bringing awareness to the foster care community by using #CardsForCubs and sending in a card or two. Quantity with quality matters and every card makes a difference.

A card may mean the world to a child, who is working through integrating with a foster family, working on reunification with their biological family, or experiencing adoption. Cards for Cubs looks to offer hope and support in their journeys, one card at a time.

The Cards For Cubs Team