Volunteers With Hearts for Serving

Volunteers With Hearts for Serving

On a cool afternoon last week, our office was filled with eager and very productive volunteers who came to help us organize all of the leftover cards we have in our office space.

The UTA Volunteers is a group of passionate students who are dedicated to serving their local community. Members have the opportunity to learn about the deeper impact of a variety of social justice issues, raise awareness, and take action to make a positive change.

They came by our office for 3 hours and we were able to box up 8100 cards and sort around 500 cards! Each one of these students are in the club because they truly love volunteering and being able to help in their community.

Thank you, UTA Volunteers for coming out and spending your afternoon with us! Your serving heart sure is a blessing to everyone you cross paths with.

If you or a group you know would like to come and volunteer with CFC, don't forget to check out the volunteer opportunities currently available.

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