Introducing: Just A Note

Would you like to join our movement? đź’Ś

Perhaps you landed here on this page because someone gave you a note or because you want to learn more about our movement!

Now, more than ever, a handwritten note has a whole new meaning in today's digital world! 

We hope this intentional act of kindness meant something to you if you received a Just A Note! These notes were designed to encourage you and help spread kindness!

This movement was started from our annual card drive that we started in 2020 to help bring awareness to kids and young adults in the foster care system. By collecting over 100,000 handmade cards in the last 3 years to kids in foster care, we were able to show the power in what a handmade card can do. Now we want to show the world the impact of what a handwritten card can do. 

If receiving one impacted you in anyway or if you would love to be a part of this movement, all we ask is for you to carry on the impact! Pass the power of a note all around the globe! Help us create a movement of intentional kindness one card at a time! You can find us on TikTok @justa.note

How to join our movement:

1.) Check out Justa.note on Tiktok and see what we have been up to!

2.) Go download the Just A Note Template on our website!

3.) Print the template on any letter-sized paper (8.5x11) & cut along the lines.

4.) Write a handwritten note and hand it to a stranger!

5.) Tag us @ Justa.note and we will repost it on our Tiktok! 


For those of you who don't have Tiktok, no worries, we heard you! Our Tiktok videos are now available on our Instagram account! You can tag us @thecardsforcubs on Instagram and @cardsforcubs on Facebook.

You can also send your video to (please note: video size usually needs to be within 20mb in order to send via email).

So what are you waiting for? Come participate in handing out cards and spreading intentional kindness together!

All it takes is a little thought and effort and you can make someone's day.
Together, let's pass the power and spread kindness one card at a time!